2017 Wine tastings

Join us and Laura, from ‘Inside the Bottle’ this year for another wonderful programme of wine tasting events!

May – ‘old world vs new world’ – thursday 11th, 7.30pm

This evenings tasting we will be pitting wines against each other in an Old World v New World to see which you prefer.  The wines will be paired with a specially designed menu to compliment the wines which will be tasted.  Come along and join us to see who comes out on top in a battle between old and new….

june – new zealand – thursday 22nd, 7.30pm

New Zealand has won over the hearts of wine drinkers with it’s straight talking, intense and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc.  While this modern day classic is a massive part of what New Zealand does it also makes some interesting and exciting wines from a number of other grape varieties.  Quality and the environment is at the heart of what New Zealand winegrowers do.  This evenings tasting will explore some of these fabulous wines paired with a menu inspired by the flavour and styles of wines to be tasted.

july – lesser known france – thursday 20th, 7.30pm

The wines for this evening will come from outside some of the more well-known regions of France.  We hope to show you some of the variety that France has to offer without paying more than you need to.  From interesting grape varieties and areas off the beaten track this evening is all about discovering something new…

october – abc… Anything but champagne! – thursday 19th, 7.30pm

This evening is a celebration of all things sparkling.  We’ll be tasting wines from around the world.  They all have two things in common; they sparkle and they are not Champagne!  This evening will show how great fizz can be with food and that there is more to this style of wine than just as an aperitif!

December – wines for christmas – thursday 7th, 7.30pm

A great way to start the festive season!  Come and join us for a selection of wines from around the world picked to bring the best out of your Christmas.  From wines to pair with food on the big day to wines to enjoy celebrating with friends, we will make sure you have lots of ideas to make your taste buds celebrate this festive period.  The menu will be inspired by the season and specially prepared by the Walmgate Ale House chefs for our guests.